Industrial Networking Applikationen


Even though industrial networks, just like "normal" business or office networks, primarily aim at fast and reliable data exchange between the network participants, certain applications and topics are of particular relevance in the industrial environment. 

"Redundant networks" address the important issue of fail-safety, because disruptions and failures, even if only lasting a few seconds, often result in significant costs - unlike in the office environment. The concept of "virtual networks (VLAN)" for improved structuring, which is also established in larger conventional business networks, is also frequently used in industrial networks. 

Industrial "image processing" via Ethernet has been benefiting from affordable IP cameras for years and is enjoying consistently high growth rates thanks to widespread standards and modern technologies. 

"Monitored networks" are, after all, an issue wherever events or even problems are not reported by human users, but where devices, machines and systems have to report their status, their messages and their problems to higher-level systems, to humans(!).