Industrial Networking


Industrial networks play an important role in the modern automation world. An ever-increasing number of machines and devices are networked with each other, and data volumes are increasing rapidly as a result of digitalisation. With this development, the demands on the networks and their components are also increasing.
Speed, reliability and the simple integration of new end devices are only a fraction of the requirements that must be met by modern network components such as switches or routers.


NS-205G CR
Switch, 5x1000TX, wide temp

19 available
NS-208 CR
Switch, 8x100TX, wide temp

925 available
I-7520 CR » RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter » I-7520 CR Converter, RS-232 to RS-485, RS-232 isolated

47 available
JetNet 2005
Switch, 5x100TX

2 available
NSM-216 CR
Switch, 16x100TX, wide temp, metal

150 available
Switch, slim, 8x1000TX, Wide-temp